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I'm Marcin (@idearoots on )

My focus is on tools and techniques that push the boundaries of the following pipeline:
Idea —> Clarity —> Grow 🌱

I try to innovate on this evolving process.
When I feel there is a gap somewhere. I build the missing piece.

My Output:

@neuracache | neuracache.com
If you read without taking notes, you have a leaking bucket.
If you take notes without coming back to them, you have a bucket of water with algae and bacteria :-)
There was no low-friction solution to work on insight retention without siloing the data.

@manyhatsapp | manyhatsapp.com
No habit tracker starts with "why you want a habit?" (to become someone).
Innovative ways of keeping you in the positive loop (micro journaling and motivational images).

All my creations are:
• no ads / no signup
• no data collection
• work offline
• free or generous free tier
• simple design and high-quality implementation

You can support the development of the tools via premium plans in the apps.

Always learning
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Marcin ❤️🧠