👋 Hey

I'm Marcin @idearoots

My focus is on tools and techniques that improve:
Memory retention and stickiness of Habits

Practice your memory to internalize atomic concepts.
Larger memory graphs allow you to understand more complex concepts.
Larger memory graphs increase the likelihood of generating new ideas.

On the other hand, you need to build things.
Otherwise, what's the point of generating new ideas?
Steady habits keep you in the loop.

I try to innovate on this evolving cycle.

My Output:

@neuracache | neuracache.com
If you read without taking notes, you have a leaking bucket.
If you take notes without coming back to them, you have a bucket of water with algae and bacteria :-)
There was no low-friction solution to work on retaining your knowledge from existing note-taking solutions.

@manyhatsapp | manyhatsapp.com
No habit tracker starts with "why you want a habit?" (to become someone).
Innovative ways of keeping you in the positive loop (micro journaling and motivational images).

All my creations are:
• no ads / no signup
• no data collection (no facebook sdk)
• work offline
• free or generous free tier
• simple, low-friction design
• high-quality native implementation

You can support the development of the tools via premium plans in the apps.

Always learning

Marcin ❤️🧠