The goal of the project:

Develop Tools and Process for Generating New Ideas.

The story begins much earlier, but it was in late 2018 when I've decided to take my observations on "generating ideas" more professionally. I started by identifying key areas of further exploration — Spaced Repetition (exposure) and Habits (building) and learning about these concepts in the best way I know — by building.

My decision is best explained in this 3min video "You Cannot Think Your Way Across The Bridge" by Jack Butcher


📃Define key areas of exploration (Spaced Repetition, Habits)

🛠Build Spaced Repetition app (NeuraCache)


🛠Build Habits app (ManyHats)

💡Discovery of Roam Research (enabled new path for the process)

🛠NeuraCache integration with Roam Research

💡Draft the Core of the Idea Roots (process)

🐧Start @IdeaRoots Twitter and Patreon


◻️Add Idea Roots features to NeuraCache

◻️Add NeuraCache Innovations

◻️Publish Idea Roots Process

◻️Publish Idea Roots Course

Coming Soon

A Practical Course on Generating New Ideas

Coming Soon, get notified 👉 @IdeaRoots

The Idea Roots Tools are fully functional independent apps with long-term support. They are components of the Idea Generation Process and a vehicle to innovate their respective concepts (Spaced Repetition, Habits).

Free Tier. No Ads. No Signup.

Active users: ~5500

Practice your memory to internalize atomic concepts and insights.

Internalized memory graphs allow you to understand more complex concepts.

NeuraCache facilitates the process of creating curated long-term memory.

Free (paid tier in works). No Ads. No Signup.

Active users: ~1100

Wherever you put your focus, you will see the results. In real life, the challenge comes from various internal personas competing for your attention.

ManyHats specializes in helping you understand separate personas that rule your life.

Marcin Czech (with my oldest son Iwo)


I walk and think about ideas.

As a kid, I used to go through Leonardo Da Vinci's notes and play by coming up with new ideas. This frame of thinking has stuck with me throughout my entire life.

I use mobile devices as my canvas because of their ability to control our attention.

I have more than ten years of experience in building mobile apps.

I insist on simplicity.

Idea Roots is my life-long project.

You can support the development of the Idea Roots Project via Patreon.

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